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A Doctor's opinion
We are honored to be part of this program and it has been extremely rewarding to witness these families coming back after five days in the Felicity Project.
Rarely have I felt so clearly the meaning of the word Happiness.

Words are to weak to translate it, but the faces stamped with joy despite the disease, the poverty, and all the suffering they have been through, show that they discovered a totally new side of life – the pleasure of having fun. In others, I could observe signs of having discovered respect, attention and dignity.

A boy who suffers from acute lymphoid leukemia chose, among many pictures he had taken, the one he loved most to give me as a gift. To my surprise, in the picture he was between two waiters in the hotel. I, who had been expecting a shot in one of the amusement parks he had visited, asked him: Why did you like this picture so much? And he answered: “I never thought that one day, I would have people serving me with what I wanted…”

 I have many other phrases but I end with a statement of mine, and I hope it will be considered for all those who cooperate with the Felicity Project: the child who comes back is another child. He has found out that happiness does exist, that life is worthwhile and so, it is worth undergoing the treatment and fighting for the cure.

Maria Lydia Mello de Andrea 
MD Chief of the Oncology Dept. at 
Darcy Vargas Hospital

Letter from a mother
My daughter had so much fun, I had never seen her so happy as in those five days, they were the happiest in her life.

She didn’t even want to go back home, and she still remembers those unforgettable days.

I would like to thank the people in the hotel where we were lodged for those five days, and all these people who received us, the volunteers, the driver, and everybody who accompanied her happiness.

With this Felicity Project, you and all these people create a world of fantasy, even though it lasted only for five days, and have transmitted to them that the world is not only a place of wars, sadness, diseases and injustices, but there are also good things in this world, for example, happiness, health, justice and beauty.

I would like you to know that, despite all the suffering, my daughter has gone through, she has always been a smiling, strong and happy girl, and more so due to your kindness and your enormous heart, you brought back the spark in her eyes.

If more people did as you do, the world would be a better place.

I hope you enjoy this letter, because I wrote it from the heart, I had to tell you how much my daughter was happy.

I will always be grateful to you, thank you very much for everything.

Carla K.R.S.

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