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The Felicity Project also offers tools to expand knowledge and provide a way to increase  monthly income.
These workshops offer free technical courses at our headquarters and include snacks and lunch.

A number of techniques and materials are used in craftwork classes: painting ostrich eggs, EVA picture frames, papier-mache, fabric dolls, gift boxes, key holders and multiuse boxes, jewelry etc.
It is both a relaxing and a constant learning time used to create beautiful objects that may be sold.

Sewing buttons, fixing hemlines, inserting elastic bands are tasks when making minor repairs on clothes at home. But the Felicity Project teaches far more. It supplies a tool for mothers and kids to learn a craft.
Copying models, detailing fabric dolls, handbags and clothing items are some of the activities developed in the context of this course

Most families have no access to a computer. They think computers are something complicated but qualified teachers guide them and change this distorted idea.The classes include learning useful programs that can introduce them to the labor market.
Word processing, reading the news and sending
e-mails on the internet are some of the lessons taught in class.

Among the items that have been created in the carpentry workshop are napkin holders, picture frames and key holders, trays, shoe-shaped cellular phone supports, frames, boxes, etc.
The families use these for decorative purposes or sell to friends.

Renovation Home Project
This initiative was put into practice on the basis of information collected by volunteers who visited Samantha on her birthday and she told us that her dream was to have a bedroom with no rain falling on her bed.

The house was infested with mold because there were no windows. This 290 sq. ft. house was home to the parents, Samantha and her sister in a single ground floor room. In partnership with a construction company and a hardware store, it was possible to build a second floor and apply anti-mold treatment to the walls that now have also been fitted with windows. The dream and the mission were accomplished: never again will Samantha and her family go through the dark and wet days they had once lived in.

This project has assisted many families to rebuild their dignity with bricks and cement.

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