f f f - f r i e n d s f o r f e l i c i t y              B"H


Annual Get-together

The Project organizes an annual meeting and invites every child and family who ever took part in the Felicity Project since it started to spend a whole day at a theme park, have fun and catch up with friends and volunteers.

The park opens it's
for this super party, offering a 
full hot meal plus
rides, popcorn, cotton candy and joy to all the kids.
Letter Contacts
Volunteers keep in touch on a permanent basis through an exchange of letters with the children. Correspondence is kept up to date in individual files. These letters have already resulted in the publication of three books with moving testimonials.

Birthday Parties

The volunteers bring balloons, candy, cake, drinks and gifts to every kid within an 80 km of S. Paulo. This is arranged in advance with the parents or primary caregiver of the child, without letting the child know. 

The message that each child gets is, “You have not been forgotten”. Felicity may knock on their door at any time. They just need to open the door and... surprise!
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